Monday, 30 November 2009

The Dive Show

Well I'm back from the dive show and am glad to say all the hard work paid off.  I was so busy for the whole weekend; many a cup of tea went undrunk and thanks as always to Mom for helping out!  It's always a pleasure to deal with the public direct - divers are so enthusiastic about their sport and many a salty sea dog tale was exchanged. 

I've only been doing this show for a couple of years but have already gained a few regular customers who make a bee line for my stand to see my new work. The one off coral pendant (see previous entry) sold within five minutes of the show opening.  The bead pendants sold well but I was secretly relieved to not sell the Seascape Silica brooch.  I love this stone and if I don't sell it soon it may make its way into my own jewellery box.

This is my stand - can you believe it all fits into the back of my Ford Fiesta!

Another commission from the show are these stingray earrings - the customer tried on the silver ones on the stand. She loved them so much she decided on a pair on solid gold.  Gold is such a great material to work in - it polishes easily to such a creamy lustre - seeing my normally silver rays in gold is a bit of a treat - the photo doesn't really do them justice.

I can make any of my collection in Gold, or to any size.  I have a couple of other commisions on the go at the moment and will publish photos of these ASAP - if you would like a piece made for you please email me with your ideas -

Now I need to consider what to do for the London show in March - I had a few requests for new Dolphins and am thinking of expanding my Octopus collection............ 

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