Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So I'm just back from a long weekend in St Abbs hunting (not literally) Wolf fish. How did it go? Well the thing with diving in Scotland in October is it can be quite changeable to say the least. With 2 out of 6 dives blown out, and the visibility around 3 meters a change in focus is needed. Looking close up can change a not so great dive into quite a memorable experience and even in the sheltered bays the walls and boulders at St Abbs are festooned with life, inparticularly 'Dead Mans Fingers' (a relative of Anemones) and peering close into them reveals a world in miniature.

Nudibranchs (above) are a favorite for divers but I did feel a little bit sorry for the Dead Mans Fingers which were being munched upon, sometimes up to 6 on each. The 'fingers' were a strange sight in themselves - they were going through a hibernation stage and more resembled miniature orange alien landscapes than fingers.

This has to be the smallest Hermit Crab I've ever seen!

And so back home and back to work. My current project is setting up for the Dive 2009 show which has come round very quickly. As well as making enough stock to show my full collection of jewellery, this year I have been busy making a few one off pieces. Looking at dive 'squidge' is always such an inspiration - I have been back through my old photos for ideas and decided on a large coral pendant to act as a centre piece to my coral texture collection. The addition of 2 little fish and a shell really gives this piece a cutesy feel.

Nearly finished is this gold brooch made with a fantastic piece of Seascape Silica. This is Andean Opal in its original rock matrix, then cut to display streaks of richest sea blues and soft browns. Its easy to see why its called Seascape silica - I was drawn to this piece as it reminded me of summer holidays - it even has a little boat in the foreground.

Some new additions on 'test' at the show will be silver bead pendants. Bead charms are really popular and I love the new dimension they have given to my existing pendant range. If they sell well at the show they will be added to the website.

I love the challenge of making new pieces so if you have any ideas you would like to work with me on please let me know - you could soon be the proud owner of a one off piece of jewellery.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend Rosie, great photos too.